Is this you?

Who can my therapeutic services really help?

Read through the following scenarios and see if any stand out as familiar to you.

  • You watch your body react in ways that you don’t want it to. Something in the environment causes your body to react with anxiety.  Or you have unexplainable aches and pains in your body that are starting to get in the way of you living your life the way you want to. Ultimately, you would like to feel powerful and at home in your body.
  • You hold in your feelings only to have them explode with the people you care about most.
  • You get overwhelmed everyday. You experience fear & anxiety at times when other people around you don’t.
  • You become often irritated by your partner’s request for affection and connection.  They reach out to you physically and you feel your body tense up in response along with a clear need for space.  You pull away and then your partner becomes hurt and confused.  You would like to feel free to enjoy being affectionate and even sexual with your partner.
  • You really want to feel close to other people, but don’t know how to make that happen. You feel like you simply don’t have the instruction manual of how to enjoyably engage with others in the way that you’d like to.  Relationships end up exhausting you instead of enlivening you. You’d really like to authentically engage in relationship with others.
  • You find yourself regularly reflecting on past life experiences that were challenging. You often feel urgency in trying to make sense of these difficult past events and/or experiences.
  • You are the person in your family who feels distant from everyone else. You have the experience of being an outsider with your family.  Though it may feel good to have this distance, there’s a part of you that would like to be close with them.
  • You are dissatisfied in your romantic relationships. You feel like you are waiting forever for the right relationship to come along or for your partner to start really satisfying you.

If any of these situations are familiar to you, I can help you.


Here are examples of some of my clients and their life situations that I have worked with:

•     Women who struggle to feel safe in their relationships with men.

•     Parents with young children who are challenged to find regular intimacy in their relationship with each other.

•     Men recovering from sexual and/or relationship addiction.

•     Single adults who are looking for a lasting loving relationship.

•     Abuse survivors: Women or men who have experienced physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse in past relationships (including childhood).

•     Combat soldiers who have returned to their lives and yet struggle to leave behind the traumatic events experienced in war.

•     Recovered alcoholics and addicts who are stable in their sobriety and are ready to work through the issues that caused them to use in the first place.

•     Men who feel challenged to be vulnerable in their intimate relationships with their partners.

•     People who have experienced a traumatic event such as abuse, auto accident, surgery, a life-threatening disease, or witnessing the death or intense suffering of another.

•     Couples where one partner is unwilling to fully commit to the relationship.


What can help you?

I have over a decade of extensive experience as a(n) yoga instructor, outdoor leader, body therapist, and counselor  in working with many different kinds of people to find authentic connection with themselves and with others.  Through collaborating with my clients and students, I have clearly observed some common values held by those who were helped the most.

Will my approach help you?

If you connect with the values listed below, then you will most likely benefit from my approach:

Change & Transformation: My clients know somewhere deep inside them that it is possible for them to change.  This causes them to take risks and be courageous in their healing and therapeutic journey with me.

Highly Motivated: Implicit with my client’s desire to change is their motivation.  My clients are typically highly motivated individuals and couples.  They sense their potential and they are prepared to work hard to achieve it.

Ready to Commit: This motivation is demonstrated by their commitment to the therapeutic process.  Many of my clients understand that there is a process to counseling and Craniosacral Therapy.  They know there is no such thing as a quick fix.  There is a part of them that knows that the only way to realize their highest potential is to commit to the process of change.  They know that often the deepest changes take the longest to arrive at.

Strive for Love & Respect: My clients value cultivating as much love and respect in the close relationships of their lives.  Even if they may be challenged to sometimes achieve it, they hold the potential of being in all relationships with love and respect.

Willing to Get Help: This willingness is essential for the successful attainment of my client’s goals.  They pay money and spend their precious time because they recognize that they can’t do it alone.